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Forever Thyme Sanctuary is a government sanctioned charity that provides a safe forever home for elderly horses. Our mandate is to provide a sanctuary for ageing, displaced or abandoned horses. We do not try to rehome or adopt out our horses. When they come to us this is their “forever time” home. We believe that these horses, who gave everything they had to their people, deserve good retirement years. We are the senior citizen retirement residence of the horse sanctuary world. The “black socks and orthopaedic sandals” class of retirees. We want our horses to enjoy the sitting on the beach with the umbrella in the drink kind of retirement. Of course, as with all plans, things change. We couldn’t say no to the younger race horse off the track going for meat, we couldn’t say no to the mini herd that was going to split up because their farm was sold, we couldn’t say no to… well, you know how this ends. (Just more umbrellas needed for those fruity drinks!)


Forever Thyme is run out of a small private barn in Stouffville, Ontario. It is nestled in the trees of a 50 acre property. It was established in 2013 by Rae and her two daughters Aeden and Avery. Aeden is the farm manager, overseeing the daily operations of the farm and the individual horse care. Rae is the boss lady who ensures that the property is maintained and runs the show from the office. Avery is the official pony-petter, making sure that everyone gets enough love and attention. And, at one time or another, everyone gets to muck paddocks.








There are many wonderful rescues for horses, all deserving of help. At Forever Thyme we have been helped by friends and family, who have been great. They have given time, sweat and cash. But they can’t help support us all the time so we need to extend our financial base. That means fundraising. We have reached the point where we can care well for the horses we have: feet, teeth, vetting, food, blankets and turnout, all covered. But we need to be able to maintain our commitment to these horses which leads to actively fundraising. And more is generally better. More money means more paddocks, more paddocks mean we can bring in more horses. More money helps more horses.


Please see our events/fundraising page for info on current fundraising we are doing and details on upcoming events.  


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Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.



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